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Throne Speech by Richard Preston

Throne Speech
by Richard Preston

This is the physical aspect of a visual/performance critique of the Mike Harris government of Ontario. Rembered (now) for it's beat the beaten agenda, and basic disregard for valid criticism. "Throne Speech" is constructed entirely from the text of the 1995 inaugural Speech from the Throne in which the newly elected Provincial Conservative Government set forth it's "agenda for change".

I employed three forms of verbal dissection in the analysis/destruction of this speech. The first was the taking apart and rearranging of the text line by line. The second was the sorting of words into their alphabetical groupings, followed by the random reordering of them within those groupings.

The third was the creation of transparencies of these which were randomly overlayed and compressed into a single, almost unintelligible text.

This text had it's premier performance at the Idler Pub reading series in Feb., 2002. Photocopies of the various word piles were left on the tables so that those present could participate in the creation of a cacophonic sound collage while i read from the text line collage, to the accompaniment of a sound collage of 26 tracks which i had constructed on an old Tascam 246.


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