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These animals had their insemination in the fields of Rhinoskin # (the Durer edition). As the edition was an opportunity for me to work with one of my favourite artists in the creation of a series of imaginative landscapes, these animals came into existence through the same process of cut-up and collage (hand done). They are meant to intice the viewer to become participant through their own imaginative act of scenario exploration. Some of the rhinanimals seem kind, gentle, some appear to be incongruous experiments of a hypothetical evolutionary process, while others evoke an almost residual, primal fear. They will remain nameless in order not to prejudice the viewer/participants own freedom to imagine.

Rhinozoo 1

Rhinozoo 2

Rhinozoo 3/font>

Rhinozoo 4

Rhinozoo 5

Rhinozoo 6

Rhinozoo 7


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