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Big Laundry Bag by Richard Preston

Big Laundry Bag
by Richard Preston

Big Laundry Bag is and ongoing compilation of poems written while doing laundry at the local wash-up. The witnessing of evidence being washed away, of experiences, surfaces, sweat being cleansed is at times a bittersweet experience. How do we lose those ketchup stains but hold onto the campfire smoke? The meditative environment of the laundromat, with its' minimalist symphony of humming, cycling machines, spraying swishing, pumping of waterm all visually reflected in the hypnotic view window provokes the mind to waunder.

In This City

I keep running into myself in this city
down alleyways, streets and stones.
We recognize each other
even in the distance in the phantom haze
and wavering sunlight.
Sometimes i can hear two hearts beating
same rhythm but slightly shifted time.
Sometimes we share a name
or share our eyes.

I keep running into myself in this city

conversations etched in brick and spilled
in stairways
breaths hovering like clouds fixed in time.
My hands and lips transcribe a missing
touch and unheard names in pulsing walls
and light reflecting glass.
Nothing is solid.
One day we may stop
and talk.


Light dripping on the wave of the lake
jagged breaths, disrupted flow.
In the dark all seems quiet and still.
Illumination reveals the cross-currents flow
the moon, ponderously above
a distance.
Was this water?


wind swept away by wind


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