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"This series of textile work had its' inception in a drawn out, deep studio cleanup. I would uncover partially used art materials relating to the jackets and other works. Uncertain of what to do with this 'detritus' I hit upon the idea of constructing small art peices - core samples - which would function as clues to the previous work/time periods. They also reference the traditional form of the 'sampler'. None of these peices were planned. The compositions grew organically through the accumulation/application of aesthetically related and/or randomly selected items from the limited materials available. The final works in this series display the chaotic regularity of the supplies left at the end of this creation/evolution. Inspired by the enthusiastic respose to these works I have continued the series. The materials may be new but the intuitive, self-generating process of creation remains the same.

Sunrise by Richard Preston
Ocean Sediment by Richard Preston
Ocean Sediment
Verdant by Richard Preston
Lava by Richard Preston
Harvest by Richard Preston
East Coast by Richard Preston
East Coast


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