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Gallery Four:    Kitchen Icons
The distinguishing feature of my artwork is a fascination with texture. This grows out a devotion to touch, a touch that can be physical, emotional and/or intellectual. Each of these may be experienced in a reclusive relationship with self or in the social relationships with others, but central to these is a decisive connection to space/location which is best described as a sense of 'homeness' Reflecting on Judy Chicago's (and co-artists) defense of 'women's art' and Louise Nevelson's archeology of a 'lost domesticity' I create these kitchen icons to honour those that have used the different elements ( and to liink them with each other through the constructions ), celebrate the role women have traditionally occupied as 'makers of home' and to beautify and spiritualize what I consider to be the centre of the centre - the kitchen.

Harmony kitchen icon by Richard Preston

Room 1
Harmony, second-hand bake ware, 2002.

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